Full Window Content

VAqua supports windows whose content occupies the full window, even the area occupied by the title bar. The title bar is painted over the content, which will show through if the title bar is translucent or has a transparent background. This feature allows the application to paint the full window background or to create a window with rounded corners and no title bar.

A full content window is selected by setting the Aqua.windowStyle client property on the root pane to one of these values:

When the title bar is transparent or hidden, the platform implementation of moving the window by dragging the title bar may be disabled. If window dragging is desired, the application should install an appropriate mouse listener to implement it. Alternatively, a top window margin may be defined.

Implementation Restrictions

The window style with no title bar does not remove the title bar. Instead, it gives the title bar a transparent background and attempts to prevent the title bar from painting anything. The window title is cleared to avoid painting a title.

On macOS 10.10 (Yosemite), the window system continues to implement moving the window when the user drags the title bar area, even though the title bar may have a transparent background or be completely invisible and even though the mouse events are (also) delivered to Java. Therefore, on macOS 10.10, only components that do not use drag gestures should be placed where they overlap the title bar area. Ordinary buttons are fine. Combo boxes and text fields are not.